Resend your Campus Computing ID

This form is used to resend your University of Alberta Campus Computing ID (CCID) to you in cases where you may not have received it. This form will only work for you if:
  • You know your 7 digit U of A Student or Employee ID number
  • You provided the University with an initial contact email when you applied
  • You can read the email sent to the above email address
This form will re-send the CCID information which would have already been mailed to your initial contact email address. For security reasons we can not allow you to specify a different email address to send it to.

Note: that while the form will send the email immediately, Email could be delayed in reaching you for a variety of reasons, including your ISP's anti-spam measures.

Note: that if you use spam filtering software of any kind you may wish to disable it before proceeding to ensure that the information sent to you is not filtered by your spam filter.

Be VERY careful when doing this that you only do this from a computer you trust.

Be sure you verify that the URL at the top of your browser right now starts with https, and that the server in the URL is the same as the one published by IST. Otherwise, someone could be using a lookalike web page to steal your information!

Enter Your 7 Digit U of A Student or Employee ID Number: