Be VERY Careful!

You are about to proceed with changing your Campus Computing ID (CCID) password using a web interface. The site to which you connect to change your password uses encryption to protect the data in transit, but you must make sure that you get connected to the real site, and not a site someone has put up that just looks like the real one. You should make sure the URL at the top of this page starts with https and that the site is the one you expect to find this page on. Your browser should NOT have given you any dialog box about certificates and asked you to accept any site certificates during this process. Otherwise, you could be giving your password to a look alike web site that you have been misdirected to.

To summarize, proceed past this point only if:

  • You see https at the start of the URL for this page (not http)
  • You recognize the server name in the URL above as the one you expect for this page
  • Your browser has NOT asked you to accept any certificates

Click here to change your CCID password

Click here to test your CCID password